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Kendra Clayton
I just wanted to disappear into the landscape and read my manga while enjoying a keto-friendly meal and decent wine. I was pleasantly surprised to find all three, and the wine was better than decent. It was Jesse however, that earned the 5 star rating. I made my meal super complicated and she noted that I didn’t want bread with my sandwich. She came back and asked me if I wanted croutons on my salad due to that. Who pays that much attention? I appreciated being allowed to just sit and be anti-social, but with service that was top notch. Good food, good hum, good wine. Can you really ask for more?

Nathan Phelps
I shouldn't have had the garlic fries. Now all I can taste is garlic. Even after 3 beers. The Reuben was good, but it would be much improved by better rye bread. If I wasn't mistaken, it came instead on some basic Sara Lee stuff.