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James Werner
I love Cafe Rio. It's great for a quick bite of some delicious food. I've tried most things here and would recommend anything if you like Mexican Food. It's pretty affordable and if you use the App you get special offers and can earn rewards. You have the ability to make your meal healthy OR tasty OR both. Salads, burritos, enchiladas, tacos, nachos, etc available. I would recommend. They are very fast too.

Mimmoon Chowdhury
Today was my first day back after the remodel, and the place looks much better. I’m glad it has more of a modern look to it after the renovation, in contrast to the previous very colorful and fruity look. The interior look spacious, with sturdy tables and chairs, and they also added bar like stalls. Hence, love the redo. I usually get the Salmon Burrito with rice, beans and salad. But today I decided to try their Tuesday Daily Special (they have a daily special everyday)-coconut shrimp tacos, which comes with a fountain drink. You get two soft tacos with breaded shrimp pieces, topped with lettuce and cilantro, and rice and beans in the aluminum tin container. The shrimp has this sweet coconut taste to it, which isn’t bad, but may dislike it if you believe only desserts should be sweet. Nevertheless, you can lessen the sweetness by adding some hot salsa; I just drizzled some creamy cilantro ranch dressing on top. I like their drink bar, offering a variety of fountain drinks, like the traditional Mexican Horchata (think cinnamon flavored milk), and Lemonade/Limeade drinks (strawberry, southwest, mint)-mint limeade is my favorite. Their Tres Leches cake is really good too. Not a bad place for a chain Mexican food place.