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Description Historic diner in a trolley car serving American fare in a scenic locale with canyon views.

Victoria Woodward
We went here due to seeing in on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. We had family in town and were looking forward to going to a nice restaurant for dinner. It was PACKED for being early in the evening on a Friday. We understood we would have a wait, but when we opted to sit outside the wait was cut by a considerable amount of time. It was nice outside so we didn’t mind. Shortly after we arrived we realized just how busy it was due to the fact we were seated next to a very large party. Live music was setting up to play right behind us so we THOUGHT that was a plus. Sadly the service was not up to par. Understandable our server was stretched thin, but we waited over 15 minutes just for ice tea and soda and waited another 30 minutes before we could even order an appetizer. Once the sun started to set we were eaten alive by noseeums and flies started attacking us and our appetizers. The live music was TOO loud and made it hard to hear one another and we ended up sitting in silence or screaming to communicate. The food was pretty good but I don’t think it was worth the price. Two people at our table ended up ordering the same dish and when they arrived they not only looked different but they tasted different... don’t think we will be going back.

Arkopriya Chail
The food was great.. the biscuits and gravy are just out of the world.. the waiter came 20 mins after we were seated.. and our order came really late.. people who came after us, got their food, ate and left before us.. huge wait times on Saturdays..