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Samara Peters
Very nice mexican restaurant. Food was prompt. I love that they have Jarrito sodas! They were also able to accommodate one in our party who needs to eliminate gluten.

Mina Ghaly
Went here for dinner. Decor was nice inside with the wall of candles. Staff were friendly. We started off with a double portion of the guacamole which was honestly one of the best guac and salsa I've had. They make it infront of you and they do an amazing job! We ended up having 3 more portions of it lol. For entrees I had the ribs with chipotle sauce and a side of hot sauce. The ribs were very moist and the meat comes right off. The portion was not huge for the price but I was full after so much guac. They organize it in some jenga like tower that was cool too. The drinks were delicious! I tried the patron margarita which is the most popular. Mine tasted great and was strong. Afterwards I had the mojito which they bring out with a sugar cane. Never had a non rum mojito but tasted great (not as strong as margarita). For desserts we tried all that they had haha which was some chocolate mousse cup that tasted strange and almost carbonated, some melted chocolate cake with a lot of cream on top that was ok. The best two for me were the tres leches cake and some crem brulee type that was also very tasty. At the end we got tiny figurines that were told to put under the pillow at night to make whatever we are worried about go away. Overall it was great experience eating here!