Priya Indian Cuisine, Lowell MA, 01851 - MAd Reach

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Pradeep Prabhu
This Indian restaurant, just like any other Indian restaurants in the vicinity will satisfy your craving for Indian food and that's it. There is nothing special about this restaurant. The quality of food is just average, nothing great compared to what you can expect to eat in India. The buffet has good amount of options but again all of the dishes are kind of incomplete, doesn't give you the satisfaction of eating it. The problem with most of the Indian restaurants, including this one is that, they try to accomodate so many things in the buffet menu that you get lost. For instance, why do you have to serve Dosa during lunch or dinner? In India thats part of breakfast and why can't you keep it for break fast and rather concentrate on making your lunch items more tastier? The price is moderate, although its expensive compared to local restaurants but can be attributed to price of Indian grocery/spices etc. And if you are a fan of non-veg, don't expect a lot of items in non-veg, they usually have 1 non-veg dish in the buffet. Haven't tried their A-la-carte options though. So would I recommend this hotel? Yes, I will, apparently because there aren't many options. But if the same restaurant was in India, I would not.

Nagarajan B P
Absolutely loved the place.. The chain of restaurants maintains its quality in every location. Great food