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Branden Etheridge
Good coffee and baked goods. Usually quite a long line, but it can move along decently fast. With there not being a ton of options in Falmouth, it's still better than the giant lines at Starbucks. Funky place with a few seats. They even sell coffee making materials like French presses and aeropresses.

Dan Scherlis
Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, tasty baked goods, especially the Florentine cookie. But the espresso drinks are always weak! Every barista there seems to consistently do a token, feeble job of tamping the grounds into the portafilter, so that espresso shots take about 10 seconds, and taste like nothing. Unless they've got someone with a clue on duty, so that while you're in line you can see that shots are taking 20-30 seconds that day, you should order drip coffee.