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Mr Dave
Remodeled...but with no real advancement. 1) Seating Yeah they didn't do the leg work and understand how ANTI SOCIAL people who visit Starbucks really are. SB is like a bus, no one wants to sit next to anyone unless it's the last option. People will sit at a 6person table and MAYBE one person will take X point across and down the way. Placing counter seating, with stools, facing out the windows (which SHOULD HAVE BEEN one long bay window) would allow for single seaters to occupy, wait for it, one seat. Get about 6 ppl along the entrance wall alone. Then have tables. Oh, and whose idea was it to create the KIDS NOOK? Tiny chairs with vertical black keg tables. I'm 6 1, I'm not sitting at the kid's table for holidays and I'm sure as shxt not paying $6 to have my knees in my chest. Another poor design of space. *You DO realize ppl "hunker down" fir hours at SB, right? One orange bench seat for 3 ppl is the only adult option for those who feel wooden school seats belong back in school only. 2) Trash The only trash recepticle is near the pickup area//entrance/exit door. There are two holes in that counter. Both are trash. Oh wait, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy over the the right, where you won't see it, is an ADD ON round bin that has LANDFILL & RECYCLE options. No, they didn't build the L/R into the counter or even add labels to it so 92.7% of ppl will trash their potential recyclables. And liquid? Einstein wasn't hear to explain that a bag full of trash and coffee dripping like a water spout is going to create a mess on the floor, on the staff member and make a line across the lot as it drips unnecessarily. LIQUIDS bucket? Yup, small cafes have them. Not here though. _________________________________ Its Starbucks. Same as same as. Coffee obsession in town is better. Also "Coffee O" in woods hole. Go local! Mary Ellen's behind Dairy Queen does a killer breakfast and coffee. 2 mins from "the buckers" and supports the local economy. Local owners will give you more, better deal and advice about the area. The 19 year old at Starbucks only knows their parents fridge and the beach. "Uhm, sorry."

I'm Me
I don't like the cost. It's a great place to sit around and catch up on work while having a coffee, but that price makes my heart beat faster without the caffeine.