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MAd Reach- Sol Azteca - Ratings

Good food, good price, cozy, welcoming and unpretentious.
Food was tremendous, service was quick and very friendly. Will definitely be back when in the area again.
The food and margaritas were excellent, great cozy atmosphere, friendly service. My go-to sit down Mexican restaurant.
This restaurant is very inviting and located around such a scenic area. Fairly priced and with good service, the restaurant also makes delicious food! Highly recommend
I love this place and have been eating there for almost 20 years. Great food and atmosphere but.. beware of the Cadillac margarita! (Mbta or uber only ;-) )
They give a very generous portion of complimentary tortilla chips (see pic!). The chips were not oily and the salsa also tasted delicious and fresh. Mango chicken and fajitas both were great. They have several flavors of margaritas to choose from as well. Only negatives were that service was slightly slow and food on the pricy end. But overall loved it!!
I am from San Diego California and have been living in Boston for less than a year. I usually don’t eat at Mexican restaurants because I hold them to a high standard since I have native ties to Mexico. With that said, the food here is pretty damn good Mexican food. I’d argue that it is the best thing you’ll find in Boston that comes close to the heart of truly authentic Mexican food, but be prepared to pay a higher price for the authentic quality of the food here. The reason I can’t give 5 stars is because their dining service for attending to the customers can be improved.
Came to Boston as a SoCal native going to school. Sol Azteca was my go-to restaurant when I was feeling homesick. Even after moving back to the City of Angels, I miss their mole sauce! As a side note - it might be the only place in Boston to enjoy stucco. Might not mean much to most, but if you're from the west coast, you'll be surprised how much you missed it!
Facilitator is a premier Boston, MA Mission burrito.Cash only and right next to the 25th Street Bart station.Lines can be long, but it is worth it. I usually get super care Masada or Chile Eleonore.Large portions, excellent ingredients, and well constructed.There is a small salsa bar that is an added bonus.
Now THIS is the best burrito in Boston, MA , burrito bracket be damned!I came here after a long flight from Boston, MA , that Mexican food wasteland. The moment I landed I knew I had to come here to get my crane Sada fix.Mind you, I can usually finish a burrito no problem. But this time around, about 75% of the way through I was defeated by deliciousness. It was just so amazing I couldn't handle it! The meat was seasoned to perfection. The beans were outta control. And the tortilla? DOPE.