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MAd Reach- Margaritas Mexican Restaurant - Ratings

When you come request Tara as your server. She’s the best. Unbelievable service. Stellar performance.
Food was good. My vegetarion friend ordered veg but they delivered non-veg food. They need to pay more attention in this regard.
The Mayan shrimp and Juan's spicy coconut tenders never disappoint! Some of the best blue cheese dressing to accompany them too. The baby chimis, both kinds, and the flan are also favorites of ours.
Went on Friday late afternoon and the atmosphere was just like that. EDIT: Responding to Margaritas's response, it was a good thing! I liked it.
I do love Mexican food. I think the reason why I'm not giving a full five stars for this is because every single time we go here, there's something just a little off. Not enough to deter us from going, but still... For example, this last time we went, our waiter was not paying attention to anything. He's funny, but a little too bitchy. It's like he was more invested in the "show" than just doing his job. My food was delicious, but they kept bringing out the wrong margaritas. And then they kind of forgot about us for about an hour, which for our group is fine because we will entertain ourselves, but I ran out of water and we ran out of chips and salsa. That sort of thing.
The kitchen here prepares the best food. Had their street tacos for lunch today and am trying to convince myself that I should go again tomorrow and get them again. So delicious! Bar tender was super friendly and welcoming.
Food was good and very hot. I appreciated that they heat it in the oven and not in the microwave (according to our waitress). Good margaritas as well. The restaurant has fittingly themed decor. The cons: a bit pricey and in the bar area, very loud music was blasting (and bleeding into the main seating area) that didn’t fit the setting in the least bit. I guess they have a jukebox, but it didn’t help the experience. Maybe come earlier so you don’t have to listen to drunk peoples rubbish music choices.
I work here so I will say that the food,staff and atmosphere are amazing. The food is fresh and prepared to order. The lounge has a club vibe at night and there's a touch tunes jukebox so that you can play your preferred music. The place is huge. However. If you plan to make reservations you might want to do so 24 to 48 hours in advanced. Fridays and Saturdays you must do this. We can accommodate large parties and we also have an ability to have a charity event. I have been there for over a year and everybody in there as far as employees and regulars are very very supportive and amazing people. I highly recommend this place.
One of our favorite places to eat! I know, a small chain, but with handmade gorgeous art, delicious food, waiters/waitresses who know us, good prices. Never fails to lift our spirits.
Good atmosphere..good food..service was good too. Waiter was good. Not excellent but good...