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MAd Reach- The Verb is Herb - Ratings

My first and definitely not my last time at a dispensary! Super welcoming from the time you check in with the staff to the time you walk out of the door. Super patient and very knowledgeable staff, this little hole in the wall is a gem for anyone passing through or around the area. Cheers guys!
Great flower and great staff! I go in looking for weed that tastes like or is named after dessert, and they help me find it! Amazing selection of every sort of cannabis item! There is even hot sauce and olive oil, which is impressive! The staff is super friendly and helpful and excited to sell weed! I will definitely be returning!
My favorite spot in town! Staff is extremely friendly and helpful with finding what you need. Their product knowledge and explanations are super helpful and always on point! It's super easy to go in and out whether you have a pre-order or not. Their inventory is the best I've seen so far! A huge variety of quality flower, edibles, and concentrates. I highly recommend anything from Nature's Heritage and The Heirloom Collective!
I love this little hidden gem of a dispensary! It honestly felt like a speakeasy the first time I was there and it was so cool! The products are on display to check out which is awesome, as I am a huge fan of seeing the products I'm going to buy before I buy them. The staff was friendly and efficient, and got me my products quick so I could explore the town. Definitely check it out for crazy variety and quick service while enjoying the wonderful town!
This small store has more product selection than most stores in Massachusetts. Huge array of flower strains. I was happy that they had some strains at very competitive low prices....but also the top of the line specially flowers. No lines. Good friendly experience. The staff know their products well.