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Merchant FAQ

Question: What does the MAd ReachSM mobile ad solution do?
Answer: The MAd ReachSM system is a patent-pending mobile ad solution that allows merchants to drive foot traffic when it matters most.


Question: What are MAd ReachSM Points?
Answer: MAd ReachSM points are deducted each time a consumer walks into your establishment to redeem your offer. Each point has a monetary value.


Question: What is the cost to start using MAd ReachSM promotions?
Answer: With the MAd ReachSM system you don’t pay anything until a consumer walks in the door and redeems your mobile promotion.


Question: How will I be billed?
Answer: MAd ReachSM promotions deducts 4 points each time a consumer walks into your location and redeems your promotion. Our patent-pending technology detects when a consumer using the app walks in your door and redeems an offer.


Question: How can I track the success of my offers?
Answer: There is a robust set of reports that easily allows you to see what offers worked best, including walk-ins and redemptions.


Question: Can I customize my MAd ReachSM landing page with my branding?
Answer: Yes, the MAd ReachSM dashboard allows you to upload your logo and store image. Your branding will be visible on our website and mobile app.


Question: How do I access MAd ReachSM offers?
Answer: Download the MAd ReachTM app, hit the offers button and the available offers will appear based on proximity to your location.


Question: Do I have access to any POS materials when I sign up for MAd ReachSM?
Answer: Being powered by the MAd ReachSM ad solution includes access to POS materials such as counter cards, table tents, and window clings. To learn more, contact your MAd Reach sales representative (click here) or call 302-464-0129.


Question: Where can consumers see my coupons?
Answer: Your offers will be displayed on the MAd ReachTM app, your landing page on our website, and via SMS. You can also push your offers on your social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Question: How do I share my offers and promotions?
Answer: The MAd ReachTM patent-pending software allows you to share with your consumers over all of your social networks at once.