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MAd Reach- Fat Fish - Ratings

Most of the food there is really good, but some can be a bit pricey. Trust me though, the money for the sushi and soups are worth it. Workers there are very polite, and greet you very well. Workers try to get to you and help you get what you would like as soon as they can. Such an amazing place. My favorite place to go eat sushi !
Good place to get best sushi in the area. The service was FAST, I mean really fast and good. The rolls were beautiful, fresh. Great atmosphere and prices were great too!
Always awesome! We used to be able to get right in, but these days it is so popular you need to plan on a short wait. Excellent food, great service. Worth the trip to West Valley City.
This is my absolute favorite sushi restaurant! I have been to Fat Fish countless times and have not had a single bad experience in the process. The pricing is very fair and the quality of ingredients is top notch! I recommend Fat Fish to all my family and friends. If you have not already tried it please do it's worth your time.
Very good. This place not be for the sushi eating connoisseur, but it's a quick fix. The manager does a great job. Staff is quick and helpful. Kenny was semi new, but super knowledgeable and very fast. Felt like he's been there a year. Great experience. Will come back again.
This place was super good. The service was fast and good. The rolls were fun combinations and beautiful. I would go here again. Good prices.
We had a group of 6 and were thinking it would be a little slow. Everything was quick! Service was excellent and food was very good as always!
The sushi is full of flavor which is surprisingly delicious. Most places in the valley serve sushi that all tastes the same but not this place. The staff is very attentive and kind. The appetizer menu could be a little better but that's all I would change.
Great friendly staff! Beautiful decor, it sounds weird, but the bathrooms are cool! 😂 . I mean I don't mean to critique the chefs, but I do think the deep fried rolls were a lil too crunchy, and more sauce for all the rolls would be outstanding. Overall very good!
This place was amazing. Myself and 8 friends came here for several of us to try something new. I had tried a few sushi at a Chinese buffet restaurant and didn't really care for it. After eating at Fat fish I'm a new fan of Sushi. Can't wait to go back with hubby. Make sure you try the Dragon Ball.