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MAd Reach- Green Panda Cafe - Ratings

One of the best restaurants if not the best Chinese restaurant in Provo. Very reasonable portion sizes for the price and the food is incredible! Great employees who provide an outstanding experience.
Food’s taste is better not amazing, but better than most of the Chinese restaurants in the area. The portions are SO SMALL that one plate is not enough.
I had a delicious boba and a couple veggie rolls and it was the best! I loved eating here! It was fun and fast.
I live in NYC and have never been able to find a place that has better boba drinks than Green Panda. There are a couple places in China Town that come pretty close but... all I'm saying is that for those of you who live in Utah County - you are #blessed to have this restaurant. I just wish they would relocate to NYC... *sigh* someday..
I took a Chinese class from the owner and he always treats us well when we go. The food tastes great and authentic. Definitely will be going back
We love this place. The boba and the food are phenomenal and I LOVE the owner and my goal in life is to meet his wife. He sometimes seems grumpy but he's an angel,
This restaurant has a pretty cool atmosphere, with generic Japanese characters on the walls and some bamboo accents. I had the boba milk tea which had a good taste. They gave me lots of boba, which was much appreciated, but it wasn't as flavorful as I would have liked. Overall, a pretty good hangout spot for college students, with decently priced boba.
Best Chinese food in provo by far! Everything is made fresh and to order. This is provo's hidden gem. Personally I think the pot stickers and beef fried rice are the best. Also every time we go we get a fresh bowl of egg drop soup, it's the bomb!! You've gotta try it!
We decided to try something new and were pleasantly surprised. The Orange Chicken and Pot Stickers were excellent. The service was quick and the employees were very nice. Probably 10 times more delicious than Panda Express.
Delicious BOBA!!! The only place that offers it in Provo. Super fun to drink. Also their Chinese cuisine is super tasty!