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MAd Reach- Piper Down Pub - Ratings

The perfect American representation of an Irish bar. An abundance of dark wood finishes and Irish stuff on the walls completes the scene. Drinks are always expertly made and their bar menu really is that good.
We enjoy coming here for trivia on Wednesday nights! The drinks are good and the food is great. It's always very lively and the waitstaff is very good.
This was a fun pub. I liked that it was not only British (I'm English) but it was alternative! Right up my alley. Loved the music, loved the service, love love loved the food and beer!
I am on the fence of giving it three to four stars it is a good place for food and there is plenty of things going on in this bar. But, it has lost its luster. It is a good place to go but, it's getting dingier as it ages.
The best place for pint of Guiness and food is fantastic! Huge entrees with prices all hovering quite reasonable $10 is great too. The breakfast burrito is humongous and quite tasty with just the right amount of spice. Rabbit platter too is a great sharing item. The live bands are always awesome. Try Breaking Bingo too when you can on Thursdays.
Good food and fun times. They do a bingo night every so often that is free for anyone that purchases food or drinks. Great finger food, try the scotch eggs! They also have great nachos and burgers.
One of the best run bars in the state. From the owners down to the management these guys do it right. Great food, atmosphere and service. Give it a try, you won't regret it.
It was great. I was there for a Sunday nerd trivia night, and that was really fun to do with a group of friends. The food was amazing. There are great vegan/vegetarian options as well as burgers and meat dishes.
Bingo night!!!! Well when I went I didn’t know it was bingo night and had a nice surprise finding that it was bingo night! Turns out the have tons of fun evens and kilt nights, there’s even a countdown to saint Patrick’s day!!! The bar itself and an old world feel to it that I loved!! The food was good I had a great time, didn’t win anything, but still fun!!!
Beer choice and price are average for Salt Lake. The liquor selection looked extensive and the bartenders were able to make up the cocktails requested while I was there. The food menu makes sense for a pub offering appetizer items and a handful of sandwiches, burgers and salads. I decided to try the Irish stew. Overall the stew was alright at best. The stew broth was superb but the beef was overcooked and was obviously the leftover Sirloin from the Cheese steak sandwiches they offer. A 5 star upgrade if they can get the stew on point.