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MAd Reach- Miracle Bowl - Ratings

It was so fun here! The yhave great food and they even have a special for students! If you are a student or on a date you need to come here for some cheap and high quality bowling.
I enjoy coming here! It's a good bowling alley and is perfect for a date night or hanging out with friends. I've never gotten the food, but I've heard it's decent and the staff is very friendly and helpful. It does get busy on the weekends, so I recommend going a different day of the week if possible.
I can't say I've ever been to an amazing bowling alley, but this one is inexpensive and you can have a good time. They don't have very many kid-friendly weighted balls, but you'll make do with their collection just fine. Never really crowded or anything.
This bowling alley has great prices. The bowling balls are a bit old and out of shape, but that just adds to the fun. It was just my brother and we had the whole building to ourselves. We have gone bowling at a lot of different alleys and this was is great!
4 out of 5 experience! The workers were friendly and helpful and made sure we got the best deal and was ready to enjoy our time there. The only down side was short staffing and waiting a very long time for the food and drinks there. They forgot about making our food and we had to remind them several times but the experience was good and we had a blast 90% satisfied.
Had a fun night with the kids and friends. The wait was longer than we wanted and they missed the projected wait by over 20 minutes. Other than that it was a great night. The building is accessible, but the button for the automatic door opener is about 4’ off the ground making it difficult for my service dog to open. The staff was friendly and everyone had a good time.
This is a fun place to bowl. I did better than usual. You can reserve it for parties too.
They've recently had a face lift/remodel on their facilities, and it looks GREAT! And surprisingly, their food is fantastic! I suggest the corn dog bites. Sounds gross... but they're amazing! :)
This is a pretty good bowling alley. It offers bumper bowling for individual bowlers. So if you go with adults and kids, the kids can have the bumpers pop up on their turn then go down for the adults. I think this is an awesome feature. They also offer by the hour pricing and by the game pricing. Which is great for those that want to just practice and not keep score for a game. On the downside, it is kind of dingy and old looking. I think it really needs to be remodeled and updated.