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MAd Reach- The Local Greek - Ratings

Gem of a place. Just the smell of the meat cooking after walking in here will make you salivate and the food does not let the smell oversell it. The meat is fantastic and everything was fresh. I had the gyro with the traditional toppings and you definitely have to get a piece of Baklava (made fresh too) with your meal. My wife and I scarfed down our food so fast it was probably gross to watch but we didn't care because it tasted so good. The people working here are super personable and the service is great. You walk up to the counter to order and bring back your food to a table. There's not a whole lot of room in there so don't be planning to have a family reunion dinner but it's perfect for a more intimate setting. We are definitely going to be back.
Absolutely delicious! Fresh, flavorful food in a clean, simply decorated restaurant. I took my parents for lunch today, and will be taking my family there on a regular basis.
This place offers some of the most flavorful meats I’ve ever had. Nice people behind the counter. The atmosphere felt very “Mom & Pop-ish,” which makes it even better. In a state where many people fear leaving the security of their chain restaurants, this place delivers on all fronts. I hope to see it around for many years. I’ll be going back for sure.
This was excellent. The meat was beaten very nicely and roasted to perfection. It was flavorful and juicy. 10/10 would recommend.
I am very picky about my Greek food. This place was AMAZING!!! :o) I asked silly questions about the menu and these guys were very nice and patient with me. Plus, they have delicious Dr. Pepper!!:o) You gotta try them out. So worth it. My hubby and I will be regulars here.