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MAd Reach- Last Course - Ratings

The only thing as sweet as your date? Last Course ice cream. The servers are kind and helpful, as they will allow you to try any ice cream before your purchase. The upstairs environment is nice and cozy, and it makes a great enviroment for a date. Mix and match to your own design or savor one of their perfectly designed courses, the choice is yours. Overall, great ice cream, great place.
The coolest dessert studio in town. These guys serve some mean ice-creams and take their craft quite seriously! They also have unique creations every month. I loved their White Hot Lava Cake 😍
Loved this place! All the ingredients are special and each dessert is perfectly hand crafted! Each recipe unique! Thane was so nice and let us try as many ice creams as we wanted, which were all delightful! We got the Flight which let us have 4 different ice creams in one! And we shared with the others we came with the bread pudding and German chocolate cake!! Soooo good!
Excellent desserts. Came with the family. We split a Flight. Unique ice cream flavors were so delicious. The owner Thayne let us sample everything. Atmosphere and facilities were impeccable definitely would come here again!
Such a great place to finish the night. And apparently to start the day too with breakfast. We were shocked at the unique flavors and dared each other to try the “weird” flavors. We ended up ordering 4 scoops of the craziest flavors you have ever heard of like rosemary & honey. And then taking home a couple pints for family to try. I was blown away at the creativity and amazing flavor. Last thing, you’ll want to try the German cake. It’s fun, and delicious! Order a scoop of ice cream on the side too.