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MAd Reach- Voro Café @ Kiln. - Ratings

I've loved my food every time I've ordered at Voro! Highly recommend. I love that its in Kiln's space. They have such a strong sense of community.
The house-made mustard on the panini was incredible! Blue Majik and greek yogurt bowl was also really good. All the ingredients were fresh and healthy. Great, convenient spot for a quick bite - also the environment was awesome for a casual business convo, great seating, open, natural light.
Wow!! This place is amazing! We ended up getting a salad paninis açaí peanut butter balls and a couple natural juices to share and each one was better than the last. These guys know what they’re doing! I’ll be back
I split a delicious panini and chicken salad with my wife. Both were excellent. To top it off we had possibly the best machiatto of our lives🤤