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MAd Reach- Theory Wellness: Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary MA - Ratings

Great location, always friendly staff and really great selection. They’ve went out of their way to make folks feel safe with online ordering and curbside pick up. The pick up process is quick and I’ve never had to wait for too long. Def recommend any of the chocolate bars they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I forgot to write something!! lol Theory Wellness is AWESOME. They have high percentage strains for us seasoned cannabis vets, and an array of different forms such as edibles, bud, oil, and so much more. I strongly suggest this awesome esablishment!
Pricing is competitive for the area, selection and quality is exceptional; Consider this place the microbrewery of cannabis dispensaries... sure they’ve got stuff from other places, but the stars of the show are their own offerings. If they have it, Mimosa and Wedding Cake are the best
COVID is REAL W/ social DISTANCING at this spot RESPECT !!!! so is this AWESOME SM*)*KE ... 😎😎😎
Closest to home :))