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MAd Reach- Theory Wellness: Recreational Marijuana Dispensary - Ratings

Fantastic all around. First time here but won't be my last! Process from beginning to end was smooth, covid conscious and it smelled dank as hell in there! Great customer service and a pleasant atmosphere. Good job guys!
Nice place. Pre ordered was in and out in less that 10 minutes
Best one around! Good bud, even the containers are awesome!
Efficient, clean and friendly store. Also, well managed for pandemic awareness.
For a 1st time experience it was awesome. I liked it. Im used to having to call someone to find flowers but this was an authentic experience. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. You will have to wait in line you are better of ordering online and going to pick it up. Service will be wayyyy faster. The state tax is Ludacris but it is what it is. Better to pay the tax and be legal vs no tax and risk some charges and messing up your record. I loved it.. the bag they give you smell proof awesome. They only accept CASH OR DEBIT. NO CREDIT CARDS.