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MAd Reach- CLINIC Alternative Medicines - Ratings

I love acupuncturist Jennifer Nery's work. She has gotten me out of pain and back in balance many times!
I love clinic. The ambiance equals instant relaxation and healing! Jen Nery is an amazing acupuncturist! She's brilliant and kind. Go to clinic
From the time you step into the door, you start to relax. After walking up the candlelit stairs, you step into a relaxing foyer and lounge where tea or water are available. The Chinese medicines are irresistibly displayed and encourage you to walk over and peruse. Facilities are easily accessible, and the rooms are beautifully appointed. Jen Nery is one of the most thorough practitioners I have had the pleasure to work with. I had never had an acupressure treatment. Not only did Jen go through my history that I had completed online, she had some very detailed questions to ask even before the treatment began. She then had me get on the very comfortable table. As a larger person, I felt very comfortable on the table. It was sturdy, wide and very comfortable. The treatment was fully explained as she moved quickly and efficiently from legs to arms for my treatment. She then asked if I wanted silence or music to create the perfect environment for my treatment. I felt wonderful during and after. I was very relaxed and the treatment lasted for a very long time after the treatment. I definitely highly recommend Jen Nery and her clinic. Whether it is to heal an injury or to just keep healthy, you need to come and experience the healing and peace of a treatment with Jen.