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MAd Reach- The Hempest - Ratings

This store helps me meet my medical needs with CBD. It is a great addition if you're already buying CBD products from the dispensary; it is just as good. Information regarding products is very transparent and the staff member I met, Steve, was very curtious and informative. I am going back again today and will be back for future visits.
Great merchandise with a superb CBD selection however I've had a consistent problem with going there during hours of operation and having the sign say open but the door be locked. That or there being a hand written note indicating they'll be reopening at a certain time and upon waiting or returning having the store still be closed.
Great place for high end smoking medical concentrates and such..some real expensive but worth it 25 k. For one of them but very cool smoke shop
Great staff. Danielle rocks. Amazing selection of CBD products and beautiful glass. Best service and discount for MMJ patients. I can’t recommend them highly enough.